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Competence in ancient grain

From cultivation to just-in-time delivery. Choose transparency when it comes to the procurement of raw materials!

Trust in our strengths:

Close contact with farmers

  • Many years of cooperation with more than 140 certified organic farmers, mostly in Hungary and Croatia.
  • Expert advice for farmers, pre-finance options and seed supply.
  • Traceability of the raw materials back to the producer.
  • Clear communication in the local language by our team in Hungary and Croatia.
  • Immediate collection and storage of the harvested grain accompanied by a modern quality management system.
  • Customer-specific farming projects.li>

Professional processing and storage of grain

  • Hulling of husked grain and quality assurance according to modern standards at our site in Hungary.
  • Raw product storage, keeping the grain healthy, in our own silos or at certified organic storage facilities in Germany.
  • Grain of the highest quality - all year round.
Tailored logistics
  • Organisation of freight by our logistics team.
  • On-schedule delivery with professional logistics partners, Europe-wide.