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Competence in ancient grain

Quality – from the field to logistics: transparency and safety at the highest level

Field products are natural products whose physical properties inevitably fluctuate. In addition, organic products have to be thoroughly tested for pesticides, mycotoxins or heavy metals. In order to provide our customers with safe products of a reliable quality at all times, our products are subject to a thorough quality assurance process.

We advise our agricultural partners on cultivation and harvesting techniques or on seed procurement. To protect the health of our products, we register and store the grain in one of our silos as soon as possible after harvesting. Our detailed documentation system allows us to identify each batch and guarantee traceability to its origin. Reference samples of incoming and outgoing goods are kept for 6 months.

After harvesting, the lots are classified by quality based on their physical parameters. In our in-house laboratory we can quickly determine important values such as protein content, gluten, moisture, falling number, hectolitre weight or impurities. Potential risks (DON values, allergens, etc.) are assessed throughout the complete flow of goods.

The individual lots are sampled for residue analysis, which is carried out by external laboratories in Germany. Cleaning, drying and cooling guarantees that the grain can be safely and professionally stored for months. We are therefore also able to store goods for customers, which they can retrieve as needed at a later time. Transports are carried out exclusively by experienced forwarding agents and following thorough inspection of the trailers (previous freight, cleaning).

And incidentally, “quality” not only refers to the goods, but also to the relationships we have with our farming partners and our customers. Friendly cooperation and open dialogue are very important to us.

Natur Gold Global Kft. is certified by the organic agriculture certification body HU-01 Biokontroll Hungaria and by Biosuisse. We are also HACCP and GMP+ certified. Our certificates can be viewed on request. If you have any further questions about our quality management, please contact our QM department.