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Competence in ancient grain

Competence in ancient grain

From seeds to cultivation and processing: we have extensive expertise in the husked grains einkorn, emmer and spelt! In cooperation with our contract farmers, we produce the highest quality grain, and we store and dehusk it in-house. We offer hulled ancient grain of high milling quality (98% purity) for flour production. We can also polish the grains and clean them more thoroughly – which makes them suitable as a packaged product that can be used like rice or for purposes that require high purity (puffing, flake production, extruder). If you are interested in flour, we are happy to put you in touch with mills that process our products. Our portfolio includes numerous organic products (grains and oilseeds) grown by our agricultural partners in crop rotation. Please contact us directly if you are interested in sunflower seeds, wheat, rapeseed, soya beans etc. We focus on the following products, which are usually available all year round:

Einkorn kernels / Emmer kernels / Spelt kernels

Polished husked grain (“ancient grain rice”)

Spelt husk pellets: high-fibre animal feed